Mental exhaustion..

is always worse than physical exhaution..

(esp when this is the 2nd time I’m writing this post.. I lost my first attempt)

I don’t think I have the energy to re-type the whole post again, but the post was about how work is kicking my butt and there’s no end in sight.  It’s busy enough that it’s making me reconsider whether I should go ahead with my vacation days off.  I’m taking the next couple Fridays off as well as the first week of September off.  The first thought that comes to my head is the amount of work that will be waiting for me when I get back from vacation.  Is that stress really worth it?

One nice thing about work, is that they’re sending me to Vancouver for a few days at the end of August for some training.  Yay!  I’m looking forward to going out there and visiting family and friends and also doing the Grouse Grind.  A part of me is wondering if I can take a couple extra days off that week and stay out there for the entire week.  Of course I’d have to try and get some work done while I’m out there so that my workload doesn’t suffer too much.

The last time I was in Vancouver was for hubby’s competition – the 2009 CBBF National Bodybuilding competition.  Can’t wait to go back!




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