Love long weekends… and surprises at the gym..

This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada (Civic Holiday) and it was a great weekend.  It rained on Saturday so we spent some time at the shopping mall.  I finally cleaned out my closet of clothes that no longer fit and realized that I needed some new work clothes.  As I went through my clothes, it felt great to know that I had to put the clothes away because they were too loose.  A part of me was thinking maybe, just maybe I should hold onto some of the clothes just in case I needed them (in case I made a negative lifestyle change and ended up back at my starting point).  Then I told myself that I simply couldn’t let that happen.  And so the clothes are ready to be donated.

Sunday I was prepared to sleep in but the hubby woke me up so that we could go for an early morning run.  It was a beautiful morning after a stormy Saturday, the sun was shining and the air was so fresh and crisp.  We went on a nice 8km run and I’m hoping this upcoming weekend I can make it out for a 10km run.  The plan is for me to go on the run by myself and have hubby meet me at the end location.  I find that it’s easier for me to go from point A to point B for the entire distance, rather than run out and back home.  The thought of getting to a certain point and realizing that I have to turn around and get back home is a little more daunting, than just running to get to the end goal.  Does that make sense?

After we got home from the run, we had breakfast with the kids and then got ready to head out to the beach.  It was a windy day and the water was a little cool, so we didn’t spent too much time at the beach.  I did have a nice relaxing nap while hubby and kids made sand castles.

Monday started off by making whole wheat cottage cheese pancakes w/ blueberries and dark chocolate.  These pancakes are definitely going to be made on a regular basis in this household.  I even brought a couple to work today and they were still great.  Also made a spaghetti sauce with extra lean ground turkey, onions, garlic and carrots.  Added some whole wheat pasta and dinner and today’s lunch was done.

We also took the kids to the zoo, so that was 2 hours of walking – at times carrying J since he didn’t want to sit in the wagon but was too tired to walk.

ImageWish J was looking at the camera.  Oh well, with kids it’s always hit and miss when it comes to taking pictures.

I hate to admit it, but I never made it down to our gym once the entire long weekend.  I did do a couple short cable workouts, but that’s about it.  So needless to say, I was dreading going down to the gym today.  Today’s workout was chest and triceps.  It had been awhile since I did a focused chest workout so I wasn’t looking forward to having to lift a lighter weight.

But that’s where I was surprised.  While doing chest press with dumbbells, I first warmed up with the bar (45lbs) and it felt comfortable.  I switched over to dumbbells and completed my 2nd set with 25lbs x 12reps.  Still felt good, so I increased the weights and completed my 3rd set with 30lbs x 8 reps.  It was a little tough but I was still feeling good.  So I had the hubby spot me and completed my 4th set with 35lbs x 4 reps.  The last set was definitely tough and my arms were shaking as I did the reps, but I was very surprised that I was able to lift with 30lbs.  To be able to kick the weights off my knees and lay flat on the bench with the weights in starting position is a huge accomplishment for me, so today it really caught me by surprise.  Even with my incline press with the bar caught me off guard when I was able to press 65lbs. I guess I am getting stronger.  Definitely motivation to keep going hard and stay focused.

Today was also a great day for eating healthy.  I did have a small blueberry muffin stump, but with how things have been going lately (giving into my salty fried potato cravings) that little stump was a minor slip up.  I actually looked forward to every meal and snack that I had today.  

One month away from my 33rd birthday and I’m excited, focused and motivated.  I even decided on what I want for my birthday.  I told hubby that for my birthday I want to invest in a one-month Cross FIt membership.  So excited!!



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