Darn that blood pressure

Or more specific, darn that LOW blood pressure. Here I am currently waiting at the company blood donor clinic for my blood pressure to increase and meet the minimum criteria to donate. This happens to me pretty much every single time I go to donate. The last time I told myself I would stop donating but I can’t help it.

The first time they took my blood pressure it came back with 100/49. The top number is the Systolic and the bottom number is the Diastolic.  So what does that mean exactly?  If you take a peek at the blood pressure chart below, you’ll see that systolic reading of 100 is just at “Low Normal” but my diastolic reading of 49 is within the “Low Blood Pressure” range.  Based on this chart, with my low diastolic reading, I should be feeling weak and tired.  But I don’t, and this low blood pressure for me is just normal.

My diastolic reading of 49 needs to be at least 50 in order for me to donate. So I’m waiting and in 15 minutes we’ll try again. I can’t imagine what difference 15 minutes will make. Maybe if I keep thinking about my blood pressure increasing it actually will? A couple weeks ago I went to see doctor and he mentioned that I did have low blood pressure and that it was normal for someone my size and nationality (Asian). He didn’t think it was anything to be concerned about, as long as I wasn’t fainting or passing out. He even recommended that I increase (yup… INCREASE) my salt intake. Seriously never thought I’d hear my doctor telling me to have more salt! Anyway, I’ve been adding an extra dash of salt with my meals but I guess it’s still not making a difference. Oh well, we’ll see how things go with attempt #2. image

Update: I  passed! Second blood pressure test came back with 104/51. Barely passed, but I passed. And 10 minutes later I’m 610 grams lighter (amt donated) now the best part… Complimentary juice and cookie:


And this sticker:

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