I’m going to sound crazy…

But I’m glad it’s Monday and here I am at Starbucks having breakfast.


The past few days have been extremely busy with planning my daughters 5th birthday, which was yesterday. Saturday was my nephews 2nd birthday, so that took up a good chuck of our Saturday.
With all the running around I didn’t work out all weekend but did make it out for a 6km run. But food wise, there were some unhealthy food choices, but nothing extreme. Enough though to make me feel disappointed in my choices. Any food that I “indulged” in wasn’t due to craving that food but simply because it was there. So really they weren’t really “indulgences” but just bad choices. Don’t get me wrong the good was good but I could have easily gone without.
The next two weeks will be early mornings for me. Usually I get dropped off at work before 6:30 am and I stay til almost 4pm. Usually I’m okay with working that extra 1.5 hrs but I need to start using that extra time to go to the gym in the morning. I will attempt to go to the gym a few times this week. I will need to experiment with my food intake prior to a morning workout. I want to make sure I have enough energy so that I can have a good without but don’t want to eat and then feel sluggish. When I run in the mornings I never eat anything so I’ve never had to eat prior to a morning workout.
Todays goal:
8  glasses of water
8 hours of sleep (in bed by 9pm)


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