Why I run…

Or more specifically why I started running.
Back in 2004 (really hard to believe it’s been that long) I set a goal to participate in the 10km Terry Fox run. When I first told my coworkers about this goal they thought I was crazy and knew that I wasn’t very active. But I didn’t let them discourage me. I tried training for the run, but when the day arrived I wasn’t ready at all. It was disappointing for me, but what made me feel even worse was the fact that my coworkers weren’t surprised that I didn’t run. They really didn’t think I was going to do it.

That really hurt but at the same time it pushed me to continue working on my goal. And my next goal was even more ambitious… I decided to train for my first 1/2 marathon. Although I didn’t get much support the first time I shared my running goal with my coworkers, I still shared my new goal, and I insisted they be at the finish line to see me cross. So in February of 2005 I joined the 1/2 marathon run clinic at The Running Room. Although my goal was to run the Manitoba 1/2 Marathon in June, the Winnipeg Police was holding a 1/2 marathon in April so a bunch of runners in the running clinic, including myself decided to run. It was an amazing feeling to finish my first 1/2 marathon and I remember sitting in an ice bath immediately after.

After that I just kept on running.
June 2005 – Manitoba 1/2 marathon
September 2005 –  Scotiabank Waterfront 1/2 marathon (Toronto)
February 2006 – Hypothermia 1/2 marathon
August 2006 – Ron Melnichuk 1/2 marathon

There was alot of running on that year.

Starting in 2006 I started to experience (or more like suffer from) knee pain. So my last two races were very hard to get through. And even with my last race, it was so painful that at each  water station I considered quitting and having a race volunteer drive me to the finish line. But I pushed through and when I crossed the finish line I was in tears because it had been so hard but I still finished.

So why do I run? I always pushed myself to run because it was something that only I could push myself to do. No one else could push me to run, or could make me stronger or faster or make it easier. It was all up to me. And so I kept running.

I got pregnant in October 2006 and then life got busy (with my first and second child, a wedding and a house). It’s only now that I’m able to make it out for runs. And my next goal is to run a full marathon.


Another amazing thing that happened to me due to my running/training… Well that’s how I fell for the hubby. When running I would often run with a group of friends. They would usually do shorter distances and I would continue on to get my mileage in. All of a sudden hubby started keeping me company on my long runs. Even when I had my long 18km run to finish he was by my side. I ran because I was training, and he ran for me. And we lived happily ever after.


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