Tomorrows lunch inspired by lululemon


Back in 2005 the first (and only) lululemon store opened at one of the city malls.


I was one of the employees that helped set up and open the store. When I first started the intention was to work part time since I already had a full time job. After the first few months I found myself picking up more shifts and soon I was working full time at lululemon on top of my job at GWL. I enjoyed the work so much it never felt like work. It just felt like I was hanging out with friends who all shared the same healthy lifestyle. Whether it was looking for a running partner or a yoga partner, there was never a shortage of friends to go with. If you shared your goals, the entire staff supported you to help you achieve your goals.
Anyway, there’s one fellow lulu who always ate pasta with pesto on his breaks. And so tonight I thought of him eating his pasta and decided to make whole wheat pasta with mushrooms, broccoli and chicken tossed in pesto sauce.

Today I suffered a migraine for most of the day, it definitely made the work day extremely difficult to make it through.  Even the Tylenol failed to make even the slightest improvement.  Not to mention I had to drive back into the office earlier this evening to pick up my laptop, due to a change that was going in tonight that needs to be tested.  The change is going in at 11:30pm, which means I will be up past midnight executing the tests.  It’s going to be a rough morning.  Although, if my calendar is clear, I may decide to go into work mid-morning.

With the migraine, I really debated whether or not I should workout.  I decided I would push through a shoulder work out and I’m glad I did because I surpassed my personal best for dumbbell shoulder presses.  I increased my weight from 15lbs to 25lbs.

The set of dumbbells that we have in our gym is complete (5lbs increments) with the exception of 20lbs dumbbells.  And for the longest time, I just couldn’t see myself jumping from 15lbs to 25lbs for dumbbell shoulder presses.  I couldn’t even see myself lifting the 25lb dumbbells to their starting point, let alone press them up.  Tonight I figured I might as well give it a try, a little dangerous considering hubby is working evenings and isn’t available to spot me, but I pushed through it, maintained form and.. success!


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