Pushing through…

Or taking it easy…


That was the big question this morning while I was out on my run. The first 4 kilometers went well and I was feeling good. Then it hit me… This uneasy feeling just below my rib cage. Was it heart burn? Possibly. But as I continued to run, the discomfort increased and soon the thought “I’m going to throw up” started popping into my head. Maybe in was truly all in my head. Maybe I was intensifying the discomfort by being more aware of it. Whatever it was, it was causing me to slow down.  At one point I spotted a bench up ahead and was debating whether our not I should sit down for a few minutes and see if the discomfort subsided. I decided to keep running. After a few minutes I could no longer push through the discomfort and decided that I would have to walk the last couple kilometers back home. Even prior to my decision to walk a part of me was thinking I should just call the hubby and get him to pick me up. But I knew that I’d feel bad about not making it home on my own and the least I could do was walk. So I did. I was as little bummed at the fact that I didn’t get to run the full 7 kilometers but I still got close to an hour of cardio so that’s what really matters. I woke up this morning, I put on my runners and I ran.


3 thoughts on “Pushing through…

  1. Simple Heart Girl says:

    Sometimes I get a stitch in my side from drinking too much water while running. When it happens I try breathing in through my nose and exhaling through my mouth for a while, until it goes away, and it usually does. Could that have been it?

    • j! ayson says:

      I usually run with am empty stomach and don’t drink during my runs because I get paranoid that I’ll get am upset stomach. So not sure that was it. Maybe something from the night before?

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