Not the best…

But it’s all I’ve got right now in terms of current pictures. I’ve been procrastinating taking recent progress pictures, finding excuses to not take the pictures. Main excuse is it’s “that time of the month” and I’m feeling bloated.
That time of the month has ended and I’m still unsure about taking the pictures. Then I realize that it’s doesn’t matter what I look like right now because that isn’t my end goal, so it’s okay if I’m not thrilled at what I see. And honestly it’s not bad, it’s actually quite good considering that my activity levels and exercise weren’t much from March to July.


The picture on the left was taken today during my workout. You can see J sitting on the bench playing on the itouch asking me for help with angry birds. The center and right pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Not the best starting pictures but I’ll try to post progress pictures every Sunday. Regardless of how I feel about them, I need them to track my progress. Next set of pictures will include a back picture, as well as full body pictures. I’m hoping to improve my legs so pictures will be needed.
I came across some really great health and fitness related blogs, didn’t know there were so many awesome ones out there! Looking forward to reading their blogs and getting inspired and motivated. I’ll update this post with the blog links tomorrow, I’m currently posting from my phone and don’t have the blog links available.
Meal wise today was a pretty good day. Loved my cottage cheese and strawberries. Funny because a coworker walked by my desk and saw my snack and said “ooh yummy! Yogurt?” I told him it was cottage cheese. He replied “oh, maybe not do yummy” hehe



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