Give it 100% or don’t even bother…

There’s one question I struggle with on those days (like today) where I’m not feeling 100%.  

If I can’t give 100% to my workout, should I still workout?  I suppose today is a bit of an exception, my neck, shoulders and back are so sore and my neck is causing me so much discomfort.  I can’t imagine holding the bar w/ weights on the back of my shoulders while I do squats.  I can’t imagine doing any exercise that might cause the slightest strain on my neck.  

On other days when I find myself debating whether or not a 50% effort workout is worth it, it’s usually due to feeling tired and a lack of energy.  There are times I’ve worked out and afterwards felt guilty for not putting in 100% and then there are days when I decide to rest and I feel guilty for not working out at all.  It feels like a lose-lose situation.

I even went for a massage after work today and asked the massage therapist to focus on my back, shoulders and neck.  During the massage, I was hoping that the therapist would use more pressure but I wasn’t sure how to make the suggestion.  It was still a nice, relaxing massage but unfortunately didn’t help in the slightest with the soreness.

Thursday I’m seeing a chiropractor and really hoping he can help me with this neck pain.  I actually went out for a short run this morning and didn’t notice the pain.  It was only afterwards while getting ready for work did the pain start to bother me.  I was almost planning on taking the afternoon off due to the headache I was experiencing while at work.

Sorry this was a bit of a rambling post.  I’m waiting for the kids to finish their night time snack so that I can help them get ready for bed and go to bed myself.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow.


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