My love/hate relationship with the gym…

… more specifically our home gym.


One of our rooms in the basement has been turned into our home gym.  It’s not much really, a bench and squat rack with an extension to do pull downs and an almost complete set of dumbbells.  There’s an ipod dock and a tv on the wall.  Not a bad place to workout considering there are no gym membership fees to pay.  And it really is super convenient to be able to just go downstairs to workout, no travel time and no lugging of the gym bag needed.

It’s funny because even though the gym is in the basement and there is no travel time needed, sometimes it’s still hard to get myself down there.  Sometimes the convenience of a home gym works against me and I find myself thinking “I can always go later” or “I’ll go down in 30 minutes”.  Then later turns into time to get the kids ready for bed and I’ve lost my workout for the day.  And then there are the times when the kids are insistent on keeping me company while I work out.  For the most part they will stay out of the gym room and play amongst themselves, but for those days when they’re constantly running into the gym room to see what I’m doing or to ask me to play with them, those workouts are never as good as I’d like.  Of course the main reason I don’t want them in the room is because there are dumbbells and bars moving around which simply isn’t safe for them. 

But I do love our home gym and I love how people are impressed when they find out that the hubby only works out in our home gym prior to competing.  For the limited amount of equipment that we have and for him to finish 2nd at a National Bodybuilding competition?! Well, that’s definitely impressive.


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