Rough start…

So in my last post, I finally set a few goals.

And start date was Saturday, July 7th – exactly 2 months away from my end goal date.

I can’t lie, this isn’t as easy as I had hoped.  Although I didn’t fall off the wagon completely, and I am still trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I fell off enough that it was a challenge to be more prepared with my meals for the day.  When I first started back in January I jumped right into things and stayed on top of the meal planning.  I need to ensure that my meal planning is completed the night before.  There are so many temptations around me and there’s that little voice in my head telling me to “just have a bit” and “you can start tomorrow”.  This entire weekend has been a struggle between “stick to it” and “just indulge”.  Glad to say that I’m sticking to it the best I can.  What does that mean exactly?  Well yesterday I baked a batch of banana muffins.  I made the muffins with whole wheat flour, cut back on the sugar and added some dark chocolate.  So not the most unhealthy muffin to eat but I ate one yesterday and had another one today.  Why do I feel so guilty?  I guess it’s because I really should be cutting back on the sugar.  My daily sugar should be limited to my coffee creamers, which is one of my daily indulgences.

I’m also trying to figure out the best work out plan for me.  I know that I want to continue running, continue lifting heavy and getting stronger and continue with HIIT workouts (Insanity).  I can’t possibly do all workouts daily, so I’ll need to figure out some kind of schedule.  I will need to ask the hubby about this one.  Weekdays may consist of weight lifting and HIIT workouts and weekends may be dedicated to running.

My first goal this week is to up my water intake and ensure I’m having 6-8 glasses of water a day and to ween myself off all junk food.  No hash browns, and no handful of potato chips.  If I can make it through the rest of the week without giving into temptations, then I’m positive that I’ll be fine for the rest of this fitness journey.  I need to focus on clean eating during the week so that I can have a cheat meal on the weekends.  With summer here, there will be plenty of parties and outdoor gatherings, picnics at the park and hours spent on the patio.

I haven’t taken a picture yet to post, at the same time I feel like I haven’t seriously started working on my goals yet.  I know a part of me is hesitant to post that picture due to fear that I’ll feel like I’ve lost progress I made earlier this year.  But the picture needs to be taken and it needs to be posted.  If I show it to the world (or at least to those interested in reading my blog) then it will hold me accountable and will help me stay focused.  I would love to blog daily about my daily temptations and struggles but more important blog about my daily successes as well.


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