Still recovering from the long weekend…

This past weekend marked the 145th birthday for Canada (July 1st), which meant an extra day off work.  On top of the extra day off, the weather was absolutely beautiful this past weekend, sunny and hot!  Friday after work, it was so hot and humid outside that my hair was driving me crazy.  It’s too short to tie back, so I had to leave it down and I was feeling very frustrated about my hair.  So what did I do?  I drove to the hair salon in the neighborhood and got my hair cut.  And by cut, I don’t mean just trimmed but cut pixie short.  I must admit it’s much shorter than I had planned but it’s not my first time having hair this short so it didn’t bother me when I realized how much the stylist had cut off.  Do I love my hair?  I do, especially when it takes me no more than 5 minutes to blow dry and style my hair and is perfect for the hot weather.

Although it was a long weekend, hubby and I both worked overtime on Saturday.  On Sunday we headed out to Grand Beach to enjoy the sun and sand.  The kids had a blast playing in the water and making sand castles.  And I enjoyed sun bathing, trying to even out my farmers tan from the prior weekend.


haha.. hubby didn’t realize that he had his finger partially covering the lens.

Glad to say that by the end of the day I was nicely tanned.  A bit red, but the redness faded the next day.  Hubby on the other hand got a bit too much sun on his chest and back and is now reapplying after sun lotion several times a day.

Monday was another hot day for us and we decided to take the kids to the new park at The Forks.



The remainder of the day was dedicated to weekly activities such as laundry and grocery shopping and prepping for the upcoming work week.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much working out during the long weekend, but there wasn’t a huge amount of eating either, so I didn’t feel too bad.  I did make it out for a run early Monday morning and I’m slowly increasing my time and distance, so that is motivating me to continue.  I’m carpooling with hubby to work for the next couple weeks which means we need to leave the house before 6:10am, which means I need to get out for my runs by 5am.  So far yesterday and today, I’ve been unsuccessful due to staying up late the night before, so my goal tonight is to get to bed at a reasonable time.


Lifting heavy weights vs light weights

I have the opportunity to workout with the hubby 2 weeks out of the month, due to his shift work.  And I always take the opportunity to lift heavier weights since he’s there to spot me and help push the bar/weights up.  Hubby is always pushing me to lift heavier.  Even if I can only do 1 or 2 reps of a heavier weight, I could always do a drop set and lighten my weight immediately after.  I sometimes tell him that I feel a little defeated when I’m lifting heavier and can’t do as many reps.  But I do understand that lifting heavy will grow your muscles. I came across a few sites that provided excellent notes on lifting heavy weights vs light weights:

“So its your choice – use a heavy weight and get the sets over sooner and go home earlier, or use lighter weights and stick around in the gym a little longer. I do think that staying on the lighter side is better for beginners, kids, folks with orthopedic concerns and people with high blood pressure issues. I have advanced clients that simply prefer one over the other. But whichever you choose – heavy or lighter – push yourself to reach the deepest level of muscle fatigue you can to get to those fast twitch fibers. And do so safely of course.”

“Your body responds to exercise in a similar way it responds to any other stress. It makes an adaptation so future stresses are less well, stressful. For example if you go out into bright sunshine today your light skin is pushed to the limits of its ability to protect you and will adapt by darkening into a tan. So tomorrow the same amount of sunlight is less stressful to your body. Similarly, you make muscle building progress by pushing your muscles to the limits of their ability to work so they adapt by increasing in size and power so the identical workout is less stressful next time.”

So for the next two weeks I’ll need to push myself to get stronger.

Finally started thinking about my goals.  Will have those posted in the next little while.


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