WOW.. Kids are amazing..

especially when it comes to learning how to use new technologies.  My 3-year old son, just grabbed my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, started up YouTube and selected a video to watch.  What’s even more amazing, he turned the smartphone to landscape and shook it a little so that the video would resize.

Anyway, yesterday I had posted about making blueberry muffins.  I’m glad to say that there are three left out of the dozen we made.  I remember after the blueberries were tossed in and the batter was gently mixed I looked at the batter thinking it looked different from other muffin batters I’ve made in the past.  I took a quick sniff of the batter and thought that it also had a different scent that I wasn’t familiar with.  I wasn’t too concerned since the muffins baked nicely and they taste quite delicious.

Tonight the kids and I made kung pao shrimp which requires to dust the peeled shrimp with a bit of cornstarch.

Then it hit me…

I mixed up…


for this…


No wonder the texture and scent of the batter was slightly off.  I’m actually surprised that the muffins turned out as well as they did, considering I forgot to add the baking powder and put in cornstarch instead.

So today was another (in my mind) a carb load day.  For lunch I had the daily soup from the cafeteria at work.  Red Thai Curry.  One of my favorites, but definitely not the healthiest soup.


Since yesterday I’ve had a really bad craving for extra crispy french fries and I know that if I’m going to buy fries, they need to be from VJ’s, which serve up (to me) the best home made fries.


Just thinking about the fries right now, makes me wanna jump into the car and drive over to pick up a box of fresh, extra crispy fries.  I seriously don’t know why this craving is so strong.  It’s not even that time of the month (sorry TMI)

Anyway, I had the soup for lunch and when I came home I munch on some potato chips.  I did a quick work out and then ate some bbq steak and roasted broccoli, so that was a pretty good meal.  But I also munched on some popcorn… and … hmm.. I think that’s all that I ate today.  Oh and I did have a blueberry muffin.. made with cornstarch.. hehe..

So actually now that I’m typing out what I ate today, it doesn’t sound so bad.  I guess I could have been eating much healthier snacks.  I suspect tomorrow will be another day with the same french fry craving and weather permitting, maybe I just need to walk over to VJ’s and satisfy that craving so that I have it out of my system.

Or I just keep pushing that craving out of my mind.  Substitute that craving with healthier options like almonds or blueberries, or even whole wheat crackers.  I know that if I wait it out long enough, I’ll eventually get over the craving.

Maybe I should keep the thought of going to beach this weekend in my mind, and that should be sufficient to keep me away from those evil cravings.. shouldn’t it?


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