Healthy blueberry muffins…

It’s the least I can do with all the unhealthy eating I’ve been doing. I’ve come to realize that trying to stick to healthy eating during the summer months is going to be extremely difficult. Funny that this is the same season where the goal is to feel comfortable in a bathing suit. With all the events like sport  tournaments, fairs, bbqs and get togethers there’s never a shortage of good food. I still feel that I’m not eating huge amounts of bad food. A few mini donuts here, a burger there and french fries one of my biggest weaknesses. Tonight I thought I’d make some healthy blueberry muffins. Honey instead of sugar, whole wheat flour, and plain yogurt all helped make this treat a little healthier.

Each day I try to make healthier food choices but I already know that I will have plenty of moments where I’m indulging.
I was able to get my hands on the TurboFire Workout DVDs and hope to start them this week.


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