If you’re going to indulge…

… make sure it’s something worth indulging on. More specifically make sure it’s worth a “cheat” meal. I remember when hubby was training for competitions, he allowed himself one cheat day a week. On this day he would indulge in foods that he was craving and he always insisted that cheat meals or days were necessary to help someone in training focused. For him at least it pushed him harder for the rest of the week and kept him on his strict diet since he knew that a cheat day was not too far away. I remember on these cheat days he would insist on the best desserts and the best not-so-healthy foods. It never made sense to me and I always thought that a slice of cheesecake was the same regardless of where you bought it. Boy was I wrong! When I started working out and following a meal plan, whenever I was tempted to indulge in a treat, I thought about the hard workouts, the long cardio sessions and really questioning whether that indulgence was worth it.  If I was going to have chocolate, I wanted the best tasting chocolate out there, regardless of the price.  And it does happen where I am mid-indulgence and asking myself why I’m even eating because the food isn’t even spectacular.  Then I feel grumpy thinking about the indulgence that just wasn’t worth it.
Today I had one of those not very spectacular indulgences. We went out for lunch today to celebrate a milestone delivery at work and I decided I’d have a slice of cheesecake. I knew that it wasn’t the best choice considering I already had chicken fingers and Caesar salad for my main course, but I thought it would be worth it and I’d have to make sure I made wiser meals choices for the remainder of the week and put in some extra time at the gym.


The cheesecake looked delicious but unfortunately wasn’t very good. It was very coarse and not smooth and creamy at all. The strawberry reduction on top also didn’t taste very good to me.  Huge disappointment 😦

Thinking about this indulgence makes we want to go downstairs and workout.

Hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow.


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