First success…

in a long time, possibly 3 months.  Today was a good day.  I stuck to my meal plan, didn’t purchase any extra food, which means I didn’t spend any money and I also got a good work out in.  I didn’t get into work as early as I had hoped but I was only there for a half day.  T had an ear infection so I took her to the doctor’s in the afternoon.  I also managed to clean the living room blinds and wipe down the sofa.  

It’s almost bed time and I’m thinking I better get to bed soon, or the potato chips sitting in the pantry will start to taunt me and call my name.  Have I mentioned that the hubby is very supportive and motivating when it comes to my healthy eating and exercise goals?  He’s always trying to push me a little harder.  Then there are the times he wants to see me cheat a little, enjoy a treat.  Last night he had to pick up some brown sugar at Shoppers Drug Mart and when he came back he had a bag of kettle cooked sea salt potato chips.  These are my favorite potato chips and since it had been so long since I last had them (last year) he thought I should enjoy some.  Last night I gave into the craving and just had a handful.  They were good, so good.  And now thinking how well I did today, I’m very tempted to walk over to the pantry and have a few chips.  I really should go to bed or read.  Anything to help take my mind off the salty goodness that’s calling my name.



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