Let’s see how long…

Before we start losing the lids on the newly purchased Ziploc containers. It’s like the sock disappearance mystery where the lids start to disappear and your left with a bunch of Ziploc containers that can’t be used. So today I replenished our cupboards with 30 new Ziploc containers.

The fridge is stocked and the menu plan for the week is set. I’ve got pineapple and cottage cheese for my daily snack as well as golden kiwi (so delicious!) And still have almonds to munch so I should be set for the week.

The goal for this week us simple: eat the lunch that I bring to work. As well to stick to one coffee from home. for a treat i’ve got some dark chocolate in my desk so I’ll have to keep that in mind in case I get hit with a craving for chocolate.

It’s been a long day and it will be a long week. Must stay focused.


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