Work is my weakness…

and most of the time I find that I use it as my excuse to not work out.  Especially the past week and a half.

I am notorious at work for volunteering for pretty much every committee out there.  Right now I am part of the following groups:

  • Staff Club executive (encompasses entire company)
  • Fun Committee (encompasses I.T department only)
  • Innovation Working Group
  • Workplace Safety committee
  • Fire warden
  • Leadership Development Program (recently graduated)

Between all the committees, the organization of events and my regular work load (which is extremely heavy right now), I’m always running around trying to get things done and meet deadlines.  Not so much physically tired but more mentally tired.  And I hate to admit it, but this mental tiredness has (in my head) provided justification to not do any physical exercise.

Due to the lack of exercise, I am trying to stick to my healthy meal plan, but of course that didn’t go very well this week with the graduation celebrations and it didn’t go very well last week with the 2 day vacation trip.  Today went a little better and I have to admit that I had a moment of weakness.  I packed a lunch of homemade italian wedding soup (not the healthiest dish) and blackberries but was in a meeting until 12pm so by the time I sat down at my desk to eat I was starving!  I thought that I’d head down to the cafeteria to check out what they had and left with an order of their shepard’s pie, swimming in gravy.  I got back to my desk, ate my soup and realized it would be a big mistake to eat the shepard’s pie, so I left it alone and took it home for the hubby and kids to eat.  (secret… I hate the bread stick that came with it.. ssh!)  I told myself that I would head downstairs to the gym as soon as I got home from work, because I knew the minute I sat down, it would be a struggle to get motivated to work out.

That was a partial fail.  I got home and napped for 30 minutes but did manage to make it to the gym and got a good shoulder work out in.  Followed my workout with a protein shake and now just taking it easy for the rest of the evening.

I realized today that I know 3 other ladies who’ve had kids in the past 3 years who are all working on their own get fit goals and it’s very inspiring to hear about their progress and to see how far they have come.  Their stories are very inspiring to me to and motivate me to get back on track and stay focused.  I’m looking forward to keeping up with their progress and hoping I can make some progress of my own.

So how am I going to address work being my weakness?  First thing that I need to do?  Tomorrow morning when I get into work, I am setting up a recurring 1hr meeting which I will dedicate to “me” time.  Whether it’s to step away from my desk to go for a walk, possibly head to the gym for a quick workout or to go for a massage, I think it’s something I need and deserve.  There are way too many days that I find myself sitting at my desk the entire day and never stepping out for a break.  This daily 1hr break will help with my energy levels and I’m hoping that it will help me re-focus on my health goals.

And second thing I need to do?  Stop volunteering for different committees and events.  I really don’t want to spread myself thin and have my personal life and family receive less attention.


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