Samosas… Chicken Fingers.. Oh my!

Following the long weekend where I indulged in hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza and potato chips I’d glad to say that for most of the week I ate fairly well.  I had some minor slips up such as more potato chips and a couple spring rolls and a bag of baked Lay’s.  Those slip ups took place from Tuesday – Thursday.  Not huge slip ups, on Wednesday I had 2 small spring rolls, but still a slip up.  Baked Lay’s? 130 calories for the entire bag, but still 24g of carbs that I didn’t need.  But in comparison, today’s slip ups were slightly bigger.  At lunch time I had 2 veggie samosas and for supper I had 4 chicken fingers (no dip).  Now that might not seem so bad considering that my snacks have all been on the healthy side (almonds, cottage cheese w/ fruit, dark chocolate) but I still feel very guilty about it. 

Good news is that I’m back on the Insanity workouts.  Completed Day 1 today and it was tough but felt good.  I’m just hoping my knees aren’t throbbing tomorrow.  If I can get focused on Insanity I know that I will be more focused on my healthy eating.  I keep reminding myself that I did Insanity for almost 2 months and stayed on a healthy eating plan.  The progress pictures prove the hard work and I know I’m more capable of doing it again.

Still lacking are a set of fitness goals.  I had my measurements done and I recall setting goals in terms of body fat percentage, but those goals aren’t displayed anywhere and I’ve completely lost sight of them.  I need a goal board, something I can post and look at.

First goal.. goal board.


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