May Challenge

Wow… it’s hard to believe that today is May 1st.  Where did the last 4 months go? 

The past month or so, my exercise hasn’t been as intense.  And I have yet to set some SMART goals regarding my fitness.  Well May is going to be the month where I kick things back into high gear.  Due to my knee pain, I won’t be going back to the Insanity cardio workouts, but instead this month is focused on getting stronger, lifting heavier and doing my best to eat clean and stay within my allowance of 2 cheat meals.

Today was my daughter’s first mini-soccer game, and this year I volunteered to be one of two coaches for her team.  So I got home from work at 4:30pm and immediately started thinking about what I needed to prepare for the game at 6pm.  I knew that I had to swing by the community center to pick up the pop-up nets and I wanted to be at the field at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time, so that I could meet the parents as they arrived.  So we were out of the house at 5:40pm.  Out on the soccer field til 7pm.  As soon as we got home, it was time to feed the kids supper.  While they sat at the kitchen table, I cooked tomorrow’s meal/lunch (whole wheat pasta w/ mushrooms and green peas, tossed in a carbonara sauce).

The pasta was fairly quick to prepare, so I washed the dishes and since the kids were still eating, I took the time to go ahead and peel a few grapefruits for this week’s snacks.

Finally finished in the kitchen shortly after 8:30pm and was really thinking I’d just get the kids ready for bed and then do some work.  But I knew that if I didn’t get even a small workout in, I’d feel awful tomorrow.

So me and the kiddies headed downstairs and I did a quick chest and triceps workout.  I’m so glad that I worked out, even though I didn’t get to do all the exercises I wanted, it felt great.  And what’s even better?  I was able to bench press 70lbs today!! (bar + 12.5lbs each side)  That is my personal best and I’m motivated and determined to get stronger and to lift heavier.

Looking forward to this month’s workouts!!


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