Holy! Carb LOAD!


So it follow up on my potato chip lunch, I had a tater tot dinner.  It really has been a total carb load (or overload) day!  Also started and ended the day with a cup of coffee.

Tomorrow evening I have a exec meeting to attend for T’s nursery school (being the Secretary) so I’m hoping that I can get back to my workout routines tomorrow.

After finishing my day working from home (which ended around 5pm and actually will continue once I’m done with this post), the kiddies and I headed over to Costco to pick up some protein powder.  Costco carries the following protein powder:


And I gotta admit, this protein powder actually tastes delicious!

I remember when I first started drinking protein shakes, I would plug my nose because I could not stand the smell and taste.  If you’re thinking about starting with protein shakes you definitely need to try this brand.

Oh and another interesting thing, was after Costco and the kiddies supper at McDonald’s, we headed to Safeway where I saw this:


A coworker had mentioned that these coin changing machines could be found in Walmarts in the United States, and I didn’t think we had them here.  Turns out we do!  So I’m very excited to try and bring my jar of coins to trade them in for bills.


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