BRANana Bread.. yum!


I had a few ripe bananas so decided to make some healthy banana bread.  My favorite recipe is from the show “Eat, Shrink and Be Merry”.  Recipes can be found here:

BRANana Bread

I used less sugar and added Hemp Hearts in addition to the Flax seeds.


More info on Hemp Hearts.

DH is 6 days away from competition so he won’t be having any of the banana bread.  I feel a little guilty baking when DH can’t even enjoy the baked goods.  In 7 days though, DH will be able to indulge in all foods again.

Today we went to the gym and it was a tough work out.  I felt stronger in my legs but I found my back exercises very difficult.  I suspect I may have drained all my energy on my leg workout but it’s alright, I tried my best.

Meals weren’t the healthiest today, I had a small portion of noodles and sesame chicken and then had a plateful of oven-baked tater tots.  hehe.. it’s a little funny that I make sure to include “oven-baked” to somehow make me feel better about the cheat.

Tomorrow I am back to work and back to my regular meals/snacks.

  • Multigrain bread w/ natural peanut butter
  • Strawberries w/ Cottage Cheese
  • Grilled Steak and Spinach salad
  • Almonds
  • Dark chocolate

With DH’s competition coming up, we’ll be eating a lot of steak and grilled fish, spinach and broccoli this week.


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