Carrots… considered healthy except…

when they’re used at work.  I know, sounds a bit confusing.  I’m referring to the carrot that managers will often dangle in front of you face to let you know something great is coming up.


“We’ve got something exciting lined up for you.  You’re headed towards some great opportunities.  You’re almost at the next level.  Just keep doing what you’re doing”

Yup, I’ve heard it numerous times in my 13 year career as an I.T professional.  Although I must admit that I’ve been lucky to have supportive managers who are fully aware of my goals to move into management or at the very least a senior position.  Although I’ve seen the carrot dangling, 80% of the time I do see results. 

While out for lunch on Friday, my manager asked me if I had met with my career leader.  I informed her that I did and she reassured me that they were working hard to get the paperwork done for my upcoming promotion.  She mentioned that her goal was to see my promotion happen in Q2, which would mean before July, but she also mentioned that sometimes the paperwork just seems to take forever to get signed.  I’m quite excited about the promotion, because my career leader has been dangling that carrot in front of me for the past year or so.

So right now, it’s a huge carrot… and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it!


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