It’s a good sign…

It must be a good sign that I’ve been sticking to my healthy eating plan, when coworkers immediately notice that I’m having a chunk of freshly baked sourdough bread w/ whipped butter.

The Keg - Table Bread: 1/4 roll = 174 calories, 36g carbs, 5g protein

It’s true, we went to The Keg for a coworkers farewell lunch and I had a 1/4 roll + bit of  the freshly baked sourdough bread at The Keg lightly coated with whipped butter.  Based on this link:  The Keg Nutrition there are 174 calories in each 1/4 roll.  For me, I had 1/4 roll + bit so I’m looking at approx 250 calories, 54 g carbs and 7.5 g protein.  Woah! actually typing out those numbers really surprised me.  54 g carbs? really?  1/4 roll has 36g, so 1/4 roll + bit must have around 50g.  EEK!

Tonight’s dinner will definitely be lighter on carbs.   So I’ve only mentioned the table bread and nothing about the actual lunch that I had.  I ordered the open hot beef sandwich w/ gravy and a side of sweet potato fries.  I must have eaten a total of 5 sweet potato fries (with a small amount of dip), a corner piece of bread that came with the sandwich and all the shaved beef that came on top (with the gravy).  It was definitely fattier cuts of beef than I’m used to and definitely more gravy than I’ve had in the past year combined!  All this means is I will need to work out harder and keep a closer eye on what I have for meals throughout the weekend.


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