Hello again!

Woah!  So it’s been over 2 months since I last posted.  I hate to admit it, but I completely forgot about this blog.  Not until a recent email conversation I had with a friend today where I suggested she start a blog about shopping, fashion, skincare and makeup (all things that she absolutely loves) and she suggested that I try writing a blog as well.

So where I am today?

I’m proud to say that I reached my goal to be in the best shape of my life and at my pre-pregnancy weight by the time my youngest turned 3 years old.

Here are the before and after pictures after the 1st month:

After 1 month of diet and exercise


I do have another progress picture after the 2nd month of diet & exercise but will upload that once I get home from work (ssh! don’t tell my boss I’m blogging during office hours)

During the 2 months of diet and exercise, I didn’t change up much of my routine or diet.  I ate the same foods, completed an Insanity cardio workout video  4-5 times a week and also lifted weights 4-5 times a week.  Looking back at the progress pictures, I’m quite excited to see the difference in my body and actually can’t believe where I started.

After the 2nd, more intense month of Insanity cardio workouts, I did find that my knees were starting to ache more, possibly due to all the jumping/intense cardio.  So I took a break from Insanity for a couple weeks.  In mid-March I tried to start up with the cardio workouts again, but consistently experienced the knee pain.  It is now the 2nd week of April, and I’ve done only a few cardio workouts.  I am trying to focus more on lifting weights and getting stronger, so I try to stay consistent with those workouts.

Diet wise, I’d have to say that I’m still sticking to my routine and regular foods but I’m also finding that I’m indulging a little more.  I think it’s because I tell myself that I will just burn if off afterwards.  I need to be very careful with this way of thinking though, because I could easily fall off the healthy eating wagon.  Yesterday I indulged in dim sum, McDonald’s french fries and aero chocolate bubbles (they were so good!)  But that’s out of my system now and I must stay focused!  Of course I say that, and just earlier this morning I was at a work-related reception which served small appetizers (which were mostly deep fried).  Now, I didn’t eat a huge amount: 3 deep fried shrimps, 2 mini spring rolls, 1 mushroom bundle, 1 mini quiche – but that’s more deep fried food in one meal than I’ve had in the first 2 months of my diet! eek!  Focus.. must focus!

Now that the first two months are done and I’ve made the progress I was hoping to see, I’m still going to continue on this journey.  Earlier this week I had my body composition calculated (weight, body fat %, skin fold numbers <– not sure what the scientific term is) and now I am working on setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).  I’ll post them once I’ve figured them out.

In addition to posting about my diet/exercise, I’m also going to start sharing tid bits of my every day life as well as share tips, tricks and recipes.  I’m a firm believer of quick and simple, especially when it comes to cooking.  My list of recipes are ones that take no longer than 15 minutes to prep AND cook!  Of course keep in mind my list is very small right now, but as I learn new recipes I will definitely share them.

I’m glad to be back blogging and have two facts I’d like to share:

– we (human beings) are at our tallest height first thing in the morning.  Throughout the day we shrink (by one or two cms) due to gravity pulling us down and our spines compressing

– in terms of gaining muscle mass, someone like me (my frame and build) will take approx 1 month to gain 1 pound of muscle.

The fact about the 1lb of muscle a month is definitely good to know, now I won’t set a goal to gain 5 lbs of muscle in a month.


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